Today I am happy in returning “under the Lion Rock” - Hong Kong and witness with you a major milestone in the development of Tailam Tech Construction Holdings Limited as its shares get listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Taking this opportunity, the Company and I sincerely thank the Hong Kong Stock Exchange for supporting us; the sole sponsor of our IPO project, South China Financial, and other professional teams for the stringent yet efficient performance throughout the listing process; all levels of government leaders and friends, who have cared and helped with the Company’s development; all our employees, business partners and customers who have always provided relentless support to the company; and last but not least, all investors who have voted for us, so that Tailam Techcon is able to reach a new milestone.

Tailam Techcon is a manufacturer of PHC Piles and commercial concrete. After years of hard work, Tailam successfully established a good reputation in the construction industry of Jiangsu Province by putting into practice of our mission statement “Putting unremitting efforts to create a stable foundation for every construction project”.

The successful listing of Tailam Techcon not only builds a solid foundation of long-term development of the Group, but also marks the beginning of a new phase of strong growth for the Group in all aspects. We, after listing, will actively capture more development opportunities, strengthen the Group's competitiveness, and strive to bring higher and sustainable returns to shareholders and investors.

Thank you once again to all guests today and best wishes to all.

Chairperson Wong Han Yu Alice

18 December 2019