Jiangsu Province is experiencing positive economic impacts stemming from the recent development of Nantong and Qidong cities. Government policies have created a favorable environment for the accelerated construction of large infrastructure projects critical for the expansion of the local economy including railways, airports, industrial parks. Projects for the public have also been green lit including expansive residential community developments and theme parks. These projects in Nantong and Qidong City are expected to stimulate an increased demand for PHC piles, commercial concrete and ceramsite concrete board.

Strategically Located

Nantong, situated in East China’s Jiangsu Province, aims to become a pivotal commercial city. Nantong’s vision is to become an integral part of the Yangtze River Delta.

Tailam facilities are centrally positioned between Jiangsu Provence, a short 53 km from Shanghai. Our PHC Piles and commercial concrete are distributed to projects across the region.

Market Potential


Our ceramsite concrete is set to be used across China in a wide range of applications.

New Markets

Hutong + Ningqi Railway Phase II
The link, aims to establish Nantong as a cornerstone in Shanghai’s “One-hour Economic Rim” project.

National Rail

Nantong and Qidong City are planning additional modern industrial parks.


The city is planning for additional residential complexes and theme-park developments to promote regional tourism.


Green Development Model

The Green Development Model is an initiative that puts emphasis on saving resources and reducing pollutants in the production of commercial concrete. By reducing waste,the production output of may also be increased.

The government has included supportive policies for the Green Development Model, see “Guidance on accelerating the development of green bulk cement industry during the 13th five-year plan period”

Tailam Ranking

Sole Supplier

As the first Supplier of PHC Piles in Qidong City, Nantong.

Sixth largest in 2018

Tailam was ranked sixth in terms of both PHC pile production volume and sales revenue in Jiangsu Provide in 2018.

Market Share

Tailam supplied Nantong City with approximately 7.1% of the city’s PHC pile requirements in 2018. In Jiangsu Province Tailam supplied approximately 2.7% of the PHC pile needs; approximately 3.2% of the region’s total PHC sales revenue.