Congratulations to Qidong Cultural and Sports Center for winning The Highest Architectural Award in China- Luban Prize 2020-2021

Luban Prize is the highest recognition of construction projects in China. Among the 900,000 constructions projects completed in every year, only about 120 projects were eligible to be awarded with the Luban Prize.

 Qidong Culture and Sports Center is located at the eastern side of Jianghai South Road and on both sides of Qiantangjiang Road, Xincheng District, Qidong City, in Jiangsu Province. The planned land area size was approx. 100,000m2 , the total construction area size was approx.  80,000m2 , and the total investment on construction cost was about RMB1 billion.

 Jiangsu Tailam, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group, is proud and honored to be the sole supplier of their commercial concrete and PHC piles for the project. The Group is committed to supply our customers with high-quality construction products, and adhering to the principles of “Building solid foundations to define future”.

14 December 2021