Types of Concrete

Normal Strength





Commercial Concrete Is A Precise Formulation Of Cement, Water, Sand, Stone, Admixture, Mineral Admixture And Other Components, Based On Client Requirements. The Concrete Is Mixed At The Station And Sold For Later Mixing Or Transportation.

The primary usage of commercial concrete is for building or enhancing constructions. It’s widely used in both commercial and industrial buildings, bridges, roads, railways and public facilities, etc. It can be found in nearly every building from the walls, to floors, walkways, pavement and even as an architectural feature.

Commercial concrete has a strict requirement in terms of structural performance and durability. For example, commercial concrete flooring and pavement requires a mix designed to be more durable; with heavier reinforcement such as post-tension slab construction.

Tailam Production Capabilities

PHC Pile

1,500,000 meters of Pile Equivalent to the total length of railway from Shanghai to Beijing

*Maximum annual permitted production capacity as approved by the PRC Government

Commercial Concrete

800,000 m3 Annual production is enough to build 2.4 of the world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa.

*Maximum annual permitted production capacity as approved by the PRC Government

Ceramsite Concrete Board

1,000,000 m2 Annual production is equivalent to 200 standard football stadiums