PHC Piles

Critical for the foundations of civil Projects

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Soft Earth

Water Engineering


PHC Piles Improves Performance, Protecting The Building Against Earthquakes, Wind And Other Stressors.

PHC piles are the basis for industrial and civil constructions and is manufactured for strength and dependability which can protect the building against earthquakes, wind and other stressors.

PHC piles has been widely used in construction of railway, highways and bridges, ports, water engineering projects, civil engineering projects and buildings. Our piles are compressed using centrifugal force, then are pre-stressed to improve their resistance to tensile forces. Where standard concrete will easily crack when under stress or over time, PHC improves performance.

We supply a series of PHC piles which its quality meets the national standard strictly. Vital to a building integrity, only trusted suppliers using modern techniques with proven track-records are awarded large-scale projects.

PHC Piles

Product Advantages

Increased Supporting Force

Excellent Impact Strength

Shortened Pile Driving Time

Enhanced Durability from Acid & Temperature

Improved Construction’s Flexibility